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[After working for roughly a day and a half, nearly nonstop for some of you, the town's looking both healthier and hardier. With most (if not all) of the expeditioners contributing to reparation and building, you've managed to get a lot of work done: all the buildings have at least been patched up to some extent, and the poor broken fence is now standing and sturdy. You've even managed to get together a couple outposts. Nothing fancy-- they're just elevated platforms, really-- but they serve their purpose of allowing people to see far out quite well.

It's probably best to start heading back now, though, since you need the supplies you brought to last you the trip home.]

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[by now, everyone has had a chance to look around Fairfield and get their bearings, right? those who came along and remember it from a few years ago probably found a lot changed and in need of repairs.

as for the distress call, Dr. Brewer and his friend Heath have been pretty friendly and outgoing, but the other refugees from Draconis have stayed in hiding. maybe you're helping with the repairs, maybe you're trying to find those other refugees and see if they need help ... or maybe you're just wandering around and doing your own thing.

either way, there seems to be no sign of those creepy, crawly Collector bugs from Terre Haute, today, so you're free to do as you please! post in one of the sections provided, or make your own - it's all good!]

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[You saw the towns some time ago, but it still took a good couple hours of treading past the farmland around it before you actually reached it. They have a distinctly "old western" type of feel to them, with their dusty, unpaved dirt roads and the collection of buildings-- most of them obviously wooden-- sitting side-by-side along either side of the road.

More observant residents may notice that the nearer they come to the town, the more people that look up and notice, and subsequently hurry off or head inside. And even if you didn't notice it as you closed in, it sure becomes apparent once you step under the archway of the town; there's no one around. The tumbleweed that rolls by almost seems to be mocking the residents.

Another thing that becomes apparent is the state of the town. Besides having gone eerily quiet, some of the buildings have been wrecked. There are gouges in the wood, where it hasn't been punched through or torn apart. Rails are broken, and a few of them even have damaged or missing doors.

Are they too late?]


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[After a long day of traveling over the hilly, grassy grounds of Nostos after a quick trip in the TARDIS, the sun is slowly starting to inch its way down to the horizon, the light catching on the clouds and making quite a spectacular sunset view. It's time to halt the traveling and rest the animals, get those tents pitched and crack out the canned foods. You're pretty deep into the Dead Zone, now, and stretched before you are rolling plains, with the only foliage being the golden grasses and some shrubbery. The air seems quite a bit warmer than it was in Paradisa as well. It is not an empty plains, though; buffalo roam the area, generally pretty tranquil as they graze on the grasses, sometimes lifting their heads to look curiously at the residents. Well. If they had eyes, that is.]

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[It's been a long and busy past few days, and the giraffes of Terre Haute can sense the uneasiness among the weary travelers. Though some may not quite grasp why, others have a better sense of what's going on.

The three most vocal giraffes approach the group, who seems eager to depart. It seems they have a parting gift for the group, as well as a rather generous offer.]

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[By now it's clear that the attackers have fled the scene, scattering in several directions of the Dead Zone. All is safe, and at least the giraffes have stopped running in panicked circles.

The attackers certainly left their mark, leaving behind a trail of destruction that can be traced back to the site of the monolith's crash. Smoke still billows out as the fires die out, but there seems to be no sign of life among the debris.

What is that thing? You now know that whatever it is, it's responsible for bringing those creatures to Terre Haute. While the giraffes return to their "normal" lives and others begin to pack up for travel, there may not be another chance to explore the crash site. If you want to explore it, now's the time.]

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[This afternoon, the quirky merriment at Terre Haute has something very sudden cutting its way in. There's the very distinct sound of an explosion. It shakes the ground with a small tremor for but a brief moment. Those who are looking at a certain monolith in the distance may see that there is now smoke coming from it, parts of it crumbling and tearing away as black smoke begin to fill the air.

Something's happening at that strange "thing" that fell from the sky. But what? Dare you disregard the unsettling feeling that may begin to steadily fill the air?]

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[Today, our intrepid explorers have finally made it to Terre Haute. It’s mostly grassland, and on the outskirts small spotted lions, about the size of leopards prowl around. They seem to be more interested in the strange antelope running around than in any people, however. Towards the edge, lies a cliff face, looking out to sea, on occasion giant whales can be seen breaching the water.

Of the weird thing they came to look for, in the distance is a cylindrical shape, lying on its side. But between them and it is a strange village. One made up of excessively tall wooden huts, all of which have electric lights, turned on, though how they’re creating such power is a mystery, they are still very much inside the dead zone.

The residents of this off little village are wandering around, going about their buisess. The residents being a group of bemused looking giraffes. Perhaps you will even see some familiar non-giraffe faces milling about.

Welcome to Terre Haute

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[After a long few days of traveling, the expedition team has reached past it's halfway point! And as such, they decide to make rest at a place that had once been the target of a previous expedition:]

Paradisa Town
Note: Talking Animal People and Actually Happy Once-ler Not Included

[A small cutesy village that once served as a world change location, it has now been abandoned of all it's previous residents. Though it's condition hardly looks like a place that hasn't been lived in for years- instead it has the condition that everyone just stepped out for awhile. There are more than enough small houses to fit everyone, so it's a nice break from sleeping on the ground (for some anyway). It's also a good place to stock up if you're one of those explorers that forgot things such as food and spare clothing. That is, if you don't mind peaches and fish and really gaudy clothing.]

[Relax, Explore, Pig out on Peaches - the evening is yours to do as you please.]

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[It's been a more or less uneventful day of travel for the expedition team. Not unexpected for the first leg of such a trip, and with any luck, it will stay that way.

As the sun starts to get low in the sky, Felix signals the group with a sharp whistle to stop, shortly after he feels the change. They've entered the Dead Zone. That sudden loss of power for anyone used to that sort of thing. Not an easy thing to adjust to, at first.

"We've crossed into the border of the Dead Zone now. We should stop here for the night. Those of you with experience, help set up camp as needed. And I recommend a few of you working out a watch schedule. You never can tell what might be out here."

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[It is late, late at night on the 9th in the Dead Zone, most everyone asleep already. The perfect time for Integra to attempt to sneak away, get back to the castle because somebody needs her there.

But to cross, she needs a mount. Slipping out of the wagon and down onto the ground, she eyes the Chocobo Cloud Strife had been using, and she had been riding along with him, he her unofficial protector for the expedition.]

Sorry, Cloud.

[A whisper to the man not all that far away, as she rouses the bird and starts to lead it away so that she can mount it. It isn't cooperating as quietly as she would like though, so feel free to see her, ask her wtf she is doing, or stop her before she heads off by herself. :D]
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[And as evening draws near, the boats finally reach the pier they had initially set off from several days earlier. More or less everyone is getting tired by now, and it should be a relief to be on solid land soon.

The medics had been treating the injuries (both from the strange birds and from stray bullets) while on board, and it seemed as though everyone would at least be able to make it back to the horses without any further ado. What souvenirs does everyone have to load up as they make camp tonight? Filched gold, archaeological samples, even a live specimen?

And what is that strange figure on the pier?
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[The group has been at the Totem Coast for a few days now. Exploring the caves, the jungles, enjoying actually being at a real beach for once. Other than the constant sound of birds from the jungle and the ominous clues left behind at the cave, things have been pretty far. ]

[But for today, things seem to be getting shaken up a bit.]

[OOC: Mingle Time | "Bird Watching" ]
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[Backdated to early this morning, the river slopes gently downward until the travelers have finally reached its mouth. And what should meet them but the Totem Coast in all its glory:

Waves lap up against the shore, which provides an open, sandy beach next to the giant statues of birdlike creatures. Cliffs and jungle prevent travel farther inland, but there's plenty to see here. A rickety and clearly abandoned pier juts out a short way to moor the boats at, though it might be a better idea to just drag them up past the high tide line.

Though the flying fish have stayed at the top of the river-canal, small white seabirds flock around the area making tiny chirps. Closer to the jungle's edge, louder and stranger birdcalls can be heard. There is no sign of whatever is making these noises, however.
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[For the past day or so, it's pretty clear the Amber Steppe has been left behind and the Totem Coast is getting closer. The air is more humid and the undergrowth has gone from a burnt amber color to be thicker, greender, and almost bordering on jungle-like. Several other streams have joined the one that the explorers have been following until it's almost large enough to start sailing on. Raine had encouraged everyone to press on, though, not sure it was time just yet (and also because she doesn't particularly like boats, okay). The cliffs around them start to grow up as well, and it probably won't be too long before the jungle becomes a properly impassable one, leaving the river as the only choice.

But this morning, another large stream had joined up with their and now it was more like a proper river. In the late morning they reach a large pier with five boats. The river also begins to take a higher road from here downstream, while the jungle starts to clog the lower road. Looks like it won't be too much longer before they're in the very painting that led them here. It's time to investigate those boats - and unload the smaller onces Percy Jackson has packed. And if you don't trust either of these, there are some inflatable rafts that Raine has packed as well.

So let's load up, and they'll be on the water by the afternoon!
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[Good evening, explorers! After departing from Cair Paradisa, the path was south at first, but turned west fairly early on. Skirting well south of Eldritch Forest, the travelers had camped near the edge of the Amber Steppe, not quite within sight of the forest that marks the Totem Coast. The grasses are parched brown by the heat, though greener patches mark the presence of water. It's near one of these - a small, bubbling stream leading west that Raine has chosen to follow as it will almost certainly run into the river marked on her map - that the travelers have made their camp.

The carts and wagons are arranged in a defensive circle, though the campers are free to set up their tents outside them as well as inside wher ethe rest of them are. There are small cooking fires scattered around as well as a large bonfire in the center for socializing.

Play music? Sing? Teach those poor non-Earth kids how to make s'mores? Or just sit around and socialize with others.

Or hide in your tent and ignore everyone, if you really want to.
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It's been a long night, maybe even longer than the others. It's always harder to sleep on a moving train when you're worried another beast might come out of nowhere to try to snap you up in its jaws. Fortunately they only encountered the one, and although it was a tiresome battle, everybody managed to use their wits and teamwork to kill it.

Sure, some of the cars have seen better days, but enough are in tact to provide a quiet rest for the time being.

That is, until the subway train slows and tilts, almost like it's heading upward. It's a subtle change, but certainly enough to wake up any residents who managed to get any sleep.

What now? Are they reaching the exit?

[ ooc; Plot Info | Reading List | Plot Chat (cryptomania) | Discuss Findings! The fight mentioned is also still being backtagged, but it was decided they would have ended up killing it. Yaaaay! ]

→ Since it was decided that they'll split up, some stay behind while others get rushed to the border, you guys can add travel or camp sections if you like or even make action posts. :) Those who leave 'now', helping along the injured, should reach the border by Sunday afternoon. Those who stay behind should reach it by Monday morning.
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Days of wandering around in the dark suiting you well?

There's been some good progress -- finding stuff, escaping from lava-savvy octopuses, dealing with giant dogs, fixing trains, exploring cities and castles. How much more can there be, really?

But Team 5 has the subway up and running, and they're making their way down the tracks to each station. They're a bit wary -- they had heard noises down the tunnel and stepped in puddles of saliva, but they hadn't actually seen anything. Maybe whatever it was is gone?

Meanwhile, all the other groups are trying to find their way out. Conveniently, they've all come to subway stations. And honk honk, here comes the train!

[Order goes stations for 2, 3, 1, 4 -- as soon as your team gets picked up, you can join any following thread.]


Nov. 16th, 2011 05:17 pm
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The travelers should keep moving. Their path only heads one direction, so that direction is the one they'll take!

It leads them to a staircase, and what a monstrous staircase it is: massive spiral steel stairs leading down into the dark. Down there is what looks like an underground train station, complete with train in the bay.

It looks like a subway. A futuristic one, with a sleek outer shell and a minimalist, highly stylized interior, its cockpit built with an almost Apple-like interface. It's designed to be easy to operate, it seems. Now, though, it has fallen into disuse. The subway train sits on its tracks to collect dust, confined to these lonely tunnels, but still its open doors seem to be inviting one in to go somewhere new.

And it's even working, sort of: there's a little white light on the dash, one that fades in and out, almost like the machine is breathing slowly in its sleep. It doesn't seem to wake up, though; no button or switch seems to bring it out of that sleep. There's a panel on the front, though; with a little pressure one could get it open, and with a bit of ingenuity, one might be able to get it running. That is, of course, if they can find tools and parts.

And there's a map, too, on the inside of the subway car: it looks like the tracks run in a path beneath a city. Notable is the main station: CASTLE LOBBY. Huh...

Inside the station, there's a door to a service area. Maybe they can find some tools or parts down there...

Alleria Windrunner
Daine Sarrasri
Fifth Doctor
Kitty Pryde
Sylvanas Windrunner
Uzumaki Naruto
Vereesa Windrunner
Violet Baudelaire
York and Delta
Zelos Wilder


Nov. 16th, 2011 04:48 pm
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Now there's a sight you don't see every day.

This is probably the most open space they've seen since they entered: from their place at the edge of the treeline, they can see that they're probably in the world's biggest underground arena. It's so big, in fact, that they can see an entire city stretched out around a giant castle, the top half of it squashed by the roof of the cavern. It's a startling sight, for sure, given the creepy familiarity of it.

Again, didn't they just leave Paradisa?

Daisy Wick
Kaito Tsukanda
Minnie Mouse
Noble Six
Sir Durge
Stephanie Brown
Ted Mosby
Temperance Brennan


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